"I was diagnosed with degenerative discs in my lower back in 2007. At the peak of my pain I was taking 2400 Ibuprofen per day. It took me roughly 3 hours in the morning to get my back loose enough to allow ordinary tasks throughout my day. I was unable to perform my necessary duties in my last job and nearly lost it as a result. Within one month of starting care I have seen drastic changes. The pain is much less severe, and the tightness in my back is only brief and I am much more able to function normally. At first I was skeptical. I told my wife I would keep an open mind, and I am thankful that I did. I am only 26, and I could imagine how horrible I would feel in another 26 years without the help of the doctors at Hendrickson Chiropractic. Thank you for improving my life!"

~ Tom M.

"For many years I've had back pain from the bottom to top. There have been times when I could not even stand up. I have been to chiropractors over the years, but was never shown how to fix anything. The pain became so unbearable that I nearly gave up gardening. After only one month of care my pain is GONE !

In addition, I am sleeping better, my sinuses are clearing up, and I am thinking more clearly. This has been such a friendly, comfortable place to be. I am always glad to come in and get adjusted."

~ Marcell V.

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